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Order code
  • 11
    • Nr 11 Order code 017880-5025

      O-ring, Large terminal box, AT5 body,CR

      Size: D120mm, d3.5mm. Material: CR. Part: terminal box, large. Usage: AT1/500, B3-11, DRM9700, DU/R, MPC2, TGM5, TMD1.

    • Nr 11 Order code 017880-5026

      O-ring, terminal box, small, CR

      Size: D100mm, d3mm. Material: CR (Chloroprene Rubber). Part: terminal box, small. Usage: AT1/AT500, DRM9700, DU, NRR261/NRR263, NMT539 Converter, TGM5.

    • Nr 11 Order code 017880-5027

      O-ring, El-compartment, large

      Size: D196mm, d7mm. Material: CR (Chloroprene Rubber). Part: main body cover, AT1/AT500, B3-11. Usage: AT1, AT500, B3-11.

    • Nr 11 Order code 017871-1231

      O-ring, LT/transmitter coupling

      Size: D60mm, d3.5m. Material: CR (Chloroprene Rubber). Part: LT-coupling. Usage: AT1/AT500, DU, DUR, TMD1.

  • 21
    • Nr 21 Order code 017860-6324

      Cover, terminal box, large

      Large terminal box cover. Color: silver. Material: aluminium casting. Usage: AT1/AT500, DUR, MPC, TMD1, B3-11.

    • Nr 21 Order code 017860-6326

      Large-short cover, main body

      Short main mody cover. Color: silver. Material: aluminium casting. Usage: AT1/AT500, B3-11.

  • 31
  • 75
    • Nr 75 Order code 017871-1233

      Coupling, transmitter, LT11/LT12

      ADC, with nut, M4, washer, O-ring. Stud,M10x37/17x10L,nut,M10, 4x washer. Usage: AT1, AT500.

    • Nr 75 Order code 017871-1232

      Coupling, male,for gauge head, MP/HP

      Gauge head side,male pin type,Alu plate without female coupling for transmitter with washer M4 SUS304,nut M4 SUS304. Usage: LT5, LT14/LT16, LT34/LT36.

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